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Circus Wunderbar excellent entertainment from Nottingham for the Midlands and beyond

Our team of performers is always providing brilliant entertainment. No matter if we are conducting circus skill workshops, street carnivals, entertainment for sports events or shows. Unfortunately we have been so busy with bringing joy and amazement to the people all over the midlands this summer that we did  not have had much time to share this magical moments for you online.

So we are really happy to bring some of the magic to your screen now.

New show reels by Carla aka Cherry Twirls

Our amazing performer Carla (Cherry Twirls) has not only done circus workshops, stilt walk gig and brilliant fire and LED hula hoop performances, she also has spared no costs and trouble to produce two excellent new show reels we are proudly present to you.

Fire: Show and Control of the mighty element

Watch the video below to see how, with years of practise Carla manages mot only to control, but to play with the element that that induces excitement and fear to mankind since the beginning of time.


Better than Lord of the Rings – Queen of the Hoops

Has the first video got you excited? Yes? Then you really should stay a moment. Not only fire, but with a showcase on how to master the art of Hula Hoop Carla has produced a second video. Years of hard practise, aching muscle and impossible moves to learn made look soooooo easy  … that is skill at the highest level.

And don’t forget – You could see this at your event.

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