Circus Wunderbar at the ICC Cricket Worldcup 2019

Today is the final – who will win and take the trophy?

It will be a good day at Lords Cricket Ground in London and Circus Wunderbar is there.

We had such a good time at all the events at Nottingham Trent Bridge, the other events of the Cricket World Cup all around the country and we are really, really proud to be part of the entertainment at the finals in London.

While we are sure the winners of today’s match might not be as surprised as Andy from our team was to see the trophy, we had an amazing time and want to say thank you to everyone involved, the organisers and the amazing crowds at every single match.

And as you can see we were not the only ones sending the best entertainment for this event.

We had an amazing time.

If you are looking for some good entertainment for your event, contact us.

It has not to be a world cup to get the best out of Circus Wunderbar.

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