Fire and LED Hula Hoop for festivals and Events with Cherry Twirls

Bringing swirling lights, super funky tricks and cheeky smiles Carla – aka Cherry Twirls – delivers high impact, high energy and attention-grabbing performances.

Fire Hula Hooping for Events

With years of experience of performing at festivals, clubs, gigs, weddings, carnivals and more, Cherry Twirls can safely deliver beautiful, entertaining and mesmerising fire hula hoop performances.

LED Hula Hoop Performance

LED Hula Hoop is the perfect type of entertainment with a big wow factor when your venue is not suitable to allow fire. With smart hoops that change colours and patterns the led hula hoop can match your event’s colour theme. From a choreographed show, a freestyle ambient performance to walk about act, your audience will be dazzled by the rhythm and flow of the shiny LED hoops and the skills of Cherry Twirls.

In one of her highly energetic and dynamic acts, the Cherry Twirls splits up to four LED or fire hula hoops all on different parts of her body. Each LED hula hoop changes patterns in time to the music leaving light trails wherever they go, making the stage a spinning, amazing light show.

Cherry Twirls is also one of the tutors for our amazing and entertaining circus skills workshops.

For any inquiries or to book Cherry Twirls for your event, just contact us via the link below the video.

Contact us to book Cherry Twirls for your event.

Special thanks to:

Video and editing by Jay Hillyer, J H Filmmaker.

Audio by Sirius Beat – Star Power