Andy Holdsworth “just Andy”

Hi, I’ve been a performer for most of my life, starting out as a musician. My first public performance happened at the ripe age of 6, playing the recorder. Since then I have found a fascination for the art of object manipulation and body movement. Starting out with just an interest in this form of art I quickly mastered poi and staff. Poi are like balls on strings and I perform with them in their pure form or in an LED or fire show. Staff is what it says on the tin, a long stick which I roll and spin around my body. I have many styles of staff to suit a range of different shows including an acrobatic yard brush.

Andy Firestaff Hallooween Entertainment

I have a wide offer of performance options, from Fire and LED shows with a full group to single performances on stage. I also have a range of walk about characters, who can come either on stilts, foot or with a circus work shop. My personal favorite act currently is “just Andy the magical clown teaches the circuses’s”