Hockley Hustle 2019 – Enjoy the entertainment and Circus Wunderbar

Hockley Hustle 2019 is coming soon. On October the 27th the amazing street festival will be back. 35 venues, 300 artists and Circus Wunderbar will be there again as well. Tons of music, street food, a silent disco, spoken-word poetry, creative workshops, street art and art installations so there really is something for everyone. Circus Wunderbar will provide a circus skills workshop, stilt walkers and giant bubbles.

Circus Skills Workshop at Hockley Hustle 2019

Enjoy and learn the amazing world of circus skills. The team of Circus Wunderbar is there and will teach you how to spin a plate, play the diabolo and even how to juggle. If you have ever thought ‘I never can to this’ prepare for a surprise: you can – and it will be fun.

Stilt Walker Circus Wunderbar Hockley Hustle 2018 Nottingham Event EntertainmentGiant Stilt Walkers will roam the streets of Hockley

Fun for every street carnival and they are great. Literally great. The stilt walkers from Circus Wunderbar will wow and amaze the good  people of Nottingham at Hockley Hustle 2019 just as they have in previous years. Always bringing the fun for people big and small (although the usually ‘big’ people might feel a little bit smaller than usual ).  

Giant Bubbles will float over Nottingham

Our Bubbleologist will be at Hockley Hustle and do what he does best and what the crowds love him for. GIANT Bubbles. Everybody is fascinated by the beauty of these wonderful, fragile objects. Shimmering, elegant and dazzling orbs will fly through the skies over Nottingham’s Hockley Hustle 2019, make sure to savour the moment, just one ‘pop’ and they are gone.

Circus Wunderbar Nottingham Event Entertainment Giant Bubbles 2

Just Andy – more than just balloon modelling

Our very own and talented Circus Wunderbar member ‘Just Andy’ will also be making an appearance on Hockley Hustle 2019. Do not be fooled as Andy is far more than “just” when it comes to entertaining an audience. He will be on the streets of Hockley and modelling balloons into a variety of amazing creations as well as providing fantastic walkabout magic that is sure to blow the minds of young and old alike (and the ones in the middle as well).

So don’t miss out. Come to Hockley Hustle 2019 – and be entertained.

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