Adam Byard – Poi and staff performer with fire and LED, bubbleologist-in-chief and stilt walker.

I began my circus journey in 2006 when I discovered the art of poi spinning quite by accident, after being introduced to the artform by a friend. As a musician I was used to practicing something for several hours a week (or a day!) so I quickly became engrossed in the interesting world of poi spinning.

As well as learning as much poi as I could, I began to add to my list of skills, and eventually to begin to perform with fire. I first performed with fire locally, and then increasingly far and wide across the country at parties, corporate events and community days of all kinds.

Stilt Walker from Circus Wunderbar on Sherwood Heath Open day

During this time I also learned to stilt walk, and to facilitate circus workshops to help spread our love of all things circus! More recently I have added giant bubbles to my performance skills: a surefire way to add visual spectacle to any event!

I can often be found at Wunderbar HQ preparing bubble mix, stirring a cauldron full of mysterious potion (cackling optional!) for bubble performances around the Midlands and further afield.

I continue to perform all my skills regularly and, like all of us here at Circus Wunderbar, love to share our joy in all the weird and wonderful arts that we practice. I hope we see you at an event soon!