Carla Bradley – Hula Hoop, Unicorn Dressage, Fire and LED Performer

I used to be that girl sitting quietly in a corner, hoping not to be noticed.”
I started learning hula hoop in 2015 but lacked the courage to take it out of my living room, later that year a diagnosis of cancer flipped my world upside down and I realised life is too short to be a wallflower. I picked up my hoop, hopped out of my comfort zone and have never looked back.
My first performance was in 2016 at a small festival in Nottingham, it awakened something in me that I didn’t know I had. I never dreamt that I’d be a stilt walking, fire eating hula hooper and teaching circus skills workshops, yet here I am..
Registered nurse by day, performer by night, bringing joy and happiness to others is what I live for.

Carla Hula Hoop Performer Unicorn Dressage LED and Fireshows Circus Wunderbar