We have something for for everyone!

No matter if you are planning a city festival, a street carnival, a wedding, a sports event, promotions for you business or a private party, we have the staff with the stuff to make your event special to everyone big and small.

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We provide jugglers, LED and fire performers, hula hoop artists, stilt walkers, balloon modeling, circus skills workshops and more. Just ask us and we can see what would be the best to make your event special.

Circus Wunderbar brings fun to every event. Our performers love to engage with the audience and to entertain you with their skills. If you are looking for a choreographed fire show or a walk about act to give the wow-factor to the crowd – no need to look further, we have the right stuff for you.

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If you want to hire a juggler, stilt walker, fire performer, magician, balloon modeller, bubbleologist (giant bubbles), hula hoop artist, circus skills workshop  just contact us. You will be surprised how affordable we are and we will tailor a package that is right for your event.

Fair and transparent

Circus Wunderbar is run by performers.

This means all performers get a fair pay and all cost are transparent to the customer and the performer.

Other then some, we do not take a big cut of the performers wages. We are the performers and therefore a fair pay for everyone in guaranteed.

A small percentage for renewing our workshop kit, getting new equipment and administrative cost is calculated and shown in every invoice and known by the performers.

Fair pay means happy performers and happy performers mean a good time for your audience.






Online Event for the Birmingham St Mary’s Hospice

We are happy that our friends from Code Red Entertainment are supporting the Birmingham St Mary’s Hospice with this online event. Special thanks to Terry Lamb for compiling all the videos that will be shown as part of this event. Purpose of the event? Promotion of Enchanted Mid-Autumn Walk. Performers that would usually have performed …

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