Steampunkalia 2019

Circus Wunderbar proudly presented entertainment as this year’s Steampunkalia in Nottingham.

The Steampunkalia took place at the Industrial Museum in Nottingham, which is situated in the lovely surrounding of Wollaton Hall and Deer Park. The Park alone is worth a visit at any time of the year.

Stretching over two days, the Steampunk event in Nottingham could not be better placed than in the Industrial Museum.

Hula Hoop Entertainment by Cherry Twirls

Hula Hoop entertainment by Circus Wunderbar on event in Nottingham

On Saturday Carla, aka Cherry Twirls, from Circus Wunderbar amazed the crowd with excellent hula hoop skills. The area behind the Industrial Museum was set up as a little café and a stage was prepared. Gravel is a challenging surface, wind does not always help and 30 degrees have made it an hot event for our performer and for the audience. Carla with years of experience, took on this conditions and managed a multi-hoop performance that got everyone excited.

Unicycle and Fire Juggling by Dangerous Derek

Unicycle and fire juggling entertainment by circus wunderbar on steam punk event in Nottingham

On Sunday it was not as hot as on Saturday. So Circus Wunderbar’s Steve, aka Dagerous Derek, thought it was only right to turn up the heat again. Juggling fire is something that should be only done by the real professionals. This being not enough our performer has shown the audience how it is done on a unicycle.

As a little extra, Rudi, aka fire&fun, joined in and we put the amazing St. John Le Fox in our middle and passed juggling clubs around him.

Juggling fun and entertainment on steampunk event in Nottingham

For sure we could let the audience of this Steampunk event leave without a bit of fire passing as well.

fire juggling entertainment by Circus Wunderbar on event in Nottingham

And St. John Le Fox, as one of the organisers of the Steampunkalia 2019, had to volunteer one more time. What you can see in the Video below:

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