Team Building with Circus Skills – Fun, Interactive, Effective

Why are team building activities important?

Have you ever heard someone in your team saying ‘We had so many things to juggle on this project, so it was really a struggle to complete.’?

Usually this phrase is used to describe a situation where a lot of information has to be gathered and multitasking is of the essence. But why is it seen as a struggle and does it have to be deemed a close to impossible challenge?

Team building events and games are a great way to make your team find a different approach to problems and new, more effective ways to tackle problems.

How team building with circus skills bring new ideas?

Let your team rethink its take on demanding challenges by looking at them like an actual juggler. It is all about timing and prioritising. Which task (or ball in juggling) has to be tackled first, what do we have to do to get it all running and how do we keep it that way?

Juggling and Circus Skills are mainly about timing, preciseness and splitting the workload into manageable smaller tasks.

The best part is – this skills are transferable. Circus Skills and juggling are not only good fun for a team building event, they are actually helping your team in solving problems in their day to day work.

How to book a circus skills workshop for your team building exercise?

You can book one of our experienced instructors as a speaker or for a team building event.

We tailor every event to your needs. After a consultation with you we specifically orientate the event to the needs of your business.

In our team building workshops your team will try things they never imagined trying, achieve things they didn’t expect to achieve, and learn things that they will never forget! Circus activities are an exceptionally enjoyable way for people to develop skills that adaptable to many situations. In a relaxed and fun atmosphere your team will discover a host of benefits such as new ways of learning, improved communication abilities, stronger mutual support and respect for each other and improved confidence and self-esteem.

Teams will learn how to react to the unexpected and take on challenges with confidence!

Everyone can enjoy and excel with our Circus Skills workshop, regardless of age or gender. For groups of 5 or more participants and can last a ½ day or full day. 

Enquire now and see what we can do for your team!