Circus Skills Workshops for Schools in Nottingham and East Midlands

PE is a very important part of school life. It is not only teaching how to reach a goal by working as a team. It is building the foundation, how future generation relate to physical activity in general.

Unfortunately, traditional competitive sports leave a lot of pupils behind, and even worse discourages them to enjoy physical activities.

Research shows that before the age of eight, children have a natural enthusiasm for movement and physical activity. But after that, if they are not motivated to do physical activity, they are at risk of entering a “negative spiral” of disengagement which can end in obesity, heart disease, lower bone density and increased risk of injury in later life. Girls’ enthusiasm for physical activity drops much more rapidly than boys.

Carla hoop workshop circus skills workshop

Circus Skills are a brilliant way to tackle this problem, as it appeals to kids on many levels and has many different ways to engage children in physical activity.

From balancing feathers or staffs on a hand, a finger, one food or even on their nose – the kids do not have to be ‘super-sporty’ to make progress and enjoy achievement.

There are lots of different props from Diabolo to Devil Stick, from Hula Hoop to Plate Spinning, from Stilts to Juggling.

We, Circus Wunderbar, can assist you in giving your pupils a brilliant experience with our Circus Skills Workshops for schools. And help you to get the kids more engaged and fascinated by movement.

Here is an article on the difference circus skills and juggling can make in schools on iNews: Juggling the timetable: why every school should teach circus skills in PE lessons

All our Circus Workshop trainers are based in Nottingham and can commute to nearby Cities. If you look for a one of Circus Workshop to have a fun day, were the joy of movement is brought to everyone, or if you look for regular circus workshops – Circus Wunderbar will help you make it happen.

We even offer courses in juggling, poi, hula hoop and staff spinning for teachers.

Contact us for any inquiry via our contact form or email

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  1. Hi
    I have a small group of youth theatre students that are doing a show in July based on the Greatest Showman and would love a circus workshop. Could you give me prices and availability over the next few weeks.

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