Stilt Walkers – Outstanding for Promotions and Shop Advertising

Stilt Walkers from Circus Wunderbar offer an amazing opportunity for businesses to promote services and products alike.

Stilt Walkers guarantee a visually stunning and incredibly versatile form of advertising and promotion. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor locations it is guaranteed to turn heads and add that element of the spectacular that brings customers to you.

Be head and shoulders above your competition – with our stilt walkers.

No matter if you are looking for an effective advertising tool for your shop on the high street, the service you offer to customers, a way to get you brand known or an eye catcher on a trade show, by using our stilt walkers to promote your business your product, brand service will get, literally, outstanding attention.

Stilt Walkers offer targeted and well received promotion for your company.

You offer a product or service that is for families, children or older people? No problem!

No matter what your target group is, stilt walkers from Circus Wunderbar can identify your target group and bring their focus to your offer. If you have leaflets or little giveaways, wouldn’t it be great if people come and really want to see what it is and get their hands on them, instead of having the feeling something was imposed on them? With stilt walkers this is what happens, people come to us and want to see what the fancy looking giant has to offer.

How can your company or brand be represented by stilt walkers?

We have many lovely costumes to choose from when we are representing you. But if you want it more special, no problem at all, we can make bespoke costumes in your brand colour and/or with your logo highly visible.

 Contact us now to see what we can do for you!