Circus Wunderbar at Creswell Crags Leap Day Mayhem

This is your chance to enjoy the beautiful surroundings of the Creswell Crags, the spectacular magnesian limestone gorge with its prehistoric past and the exciting entertainment of Circus Wunderbar.

Don’t miss it, you won’t be able to have this again anytime soon!

Yes, this is a chance that only comes along every 4 years, because it is Leap Day Mayhem at the Crags. So make sure to be there, February the 29th won’t be again for a while.

Why come to the Creswell Crags?

The question should be more like, why haven’t you been there before?

Located in the beautiful surroundings between Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire you can explore the caves, which harbours prehistoric cave art 10,000 years older than the pyramids. The museum exhibiting artefacts from the ice age and species that might surprise you to be visitors to Britain. And … for more Information you can have a look at the Creswell Crags Homepage, but as images tell a better story than words … here is one of the wonderful videos available on YouTube:

Leap Day Mayhem at Creswell Crags

We won’t give to much away, but an amazing day is awaiting you. There will music and dancing, axe throwing and for sure we will be there.

Circus Wunderbar will provide some wonderful entertainment, a circus workshop, showcase juggling and diablolo skills and much more. We really recommend you come along and have a brilliant leap day with us at Creswell Crags.

Circus Wunderbar Creswell Crags Leap Day 2020

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