Online Hoop classes with RoRo

Circus Wunderbar is happy to collaborate with RoRo.

RoRo is an established trickster, hula hoop performer, and teacher. She teaches regularly all over the UK and has taught at many conventions and hula hoop events.

Hula Hoop in the media and on festivals

She runs her own hoop company Project Hoop, and has featured for the BBC, Notts TV, This Girl Can, the Nottingham Post and other notable media.

RoRo has performed at events big and small, and likes to showcase a sprinkle of allure and hoop vivacity, with her quick technical tricks, and multi hoop magic.

Hula Hoop for fitness

Fitness and hula hoop are a perfect match. Hula Hoop is more than just swirling a hoop around your body in a dance like style, it is a full body workout.

Learning and practising hula hoop does not only increase your stamina and tones your body, it has also a positive effect on coordination and spacial awareness.roro hula hoop online classes

Online classes to learn and improve your skills

RoRo has started to give online hoop classes via zoom to enable everyone to continue to learn and practise hula hoop, even if you can not attend a workshop in person or just looking for a effective work out while fitness studios are closed.

The classes are held via Zoom and you can see a schedule of upcoming events here:


You can also book private lessons to improve your hoop skills and work on specific tricks and moves.


For more information any questions contact RoRo via Facebook or if you want to book a hula hoop performer, not matter if standard, fire or LED hula hoop performer, just get in contact with us.

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