Circus Wunderbar at the ICC Cricket Worldcup 2019

Today is the final – who will win and take the trophy?

It will be a good day at Lords Cricket Ground in London and Circus Wunderbar is there.

We had such a good time at all the events at Nottingham Trent Bridge, the other events of the Cricket World Cup all around the country and we are really, really proud to be part of the entertainment at the finals in London.

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We are Delighted

Yes we really are. Why? Because we are going to be part of the entertainment for the cricket world cup 2019 fixtures at Nottingham Trent Bridge. On behalf of Red Sky at Night, an amazing event company, we are providing some of our performers to entertain the cricket mad audience in Nottingham.

If you don’t know already, you can find all the dates for the fixtures at Trent Bridge on the official cricket world cup page.

We are really happy about being part of this amazing event and look forward to see you all.

Merry Christmas and a fun packed New Year

Elf juggling Christmas event

Everyone from Circus Wunderbar wishes you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

We just want to say thank you for everyone who worked with us, supported us and have one or more of our performers bring fun to their events.

Not even half a year ago we, a few very skilled circus performers from Nottingham, started to work together to offer a wider range of entertainment to events, schools and festivals.

In this short time we have worked for Nottingham Trend University, Hockley Hustle, Newark and Sherwood Council and the Leadmill in Sheffield, just to name a few.

We were happy to provide muck fun to night clubs, school projects, city festivals, cooperate events and many more fun pact events. Our Circus Skills Workshops, Giant Bubbles, Stilt Walkers, Hula Hoopers, Jugglers and Fire Performers have brought great joy to many events in this short time.

Traditionally in December our we helped Santa to get everyone in a festive spirit by bringing fun and joy to the people as skillful Elfs.

Xmas Elf Hula Hoop Christmas Entertainment

So we just want to say thank you to everyone.

A Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. A wonderful 2019 and if you want to make your event in 2019 not only wonderful, but truly Wunderbar – get in contact with us.

Have a great Christmas everyone – Your Circus Wunderbar Team!

Elf juggling Christmas event

Giant Bubbles, Hula Hoop and more in Nottingham

Circus Wunderbar Ginat Bubbles Entertainment Nottingham 1 2018

We are proud that we could contribute to this years amazing Hockley Hustle.

It was a really wonderful day – even a few (or a few more) raindrops falling out of the sky over Nottingham, did not stop the party.

Nottingham has shown its uniqueness in talents in the art and in the way of celebrating once more.

The streets were packed at Hockley Hustle 2018 with all kind of people. Singers, dancers, graffiti artists and … for sure a team from Circus Wunderbar.

We are really happy that we had the chance to be there and entertain the crowd on stilts, with circus skills workshops, hula hoop workshops and juggling and giant bubbles.

For all who have missed it – here are some photos from this truly entertaining event on the streets of Nottingham. Watch out for our next blog post, there are more pictures to come.

Circus Wunderbar Ginat Bubbles Entertainment Nottingham 1 2018

Emma Hockley Hustle Nottingham event parade 1

Circus Wunderbar Nottingham Event Entertainment Giant Bubbles 2

Stilt Walker Circus Wunderbar Hockley Hustle 2018 Nottingham Event Entertainment

Circus Wunderbar Nottingham Event Entertainment Giant Bubbles 3 Circus Skills


We like to thank the organisers of Hockley Hustle 2018, all the wonderful people celebrating the art in Nottingham, Molly Goldby for taking the pictures of the bubbles and everyone who has helped to make this event so brilliant.

Circus Skills Workshops for Schools in Nottingham and East Midlands

Carla hoop workshop circus skills workshop

PE is a very important part of school life. It is not only teaching how to reach a goal by working as a team. It is building the foundation, how future generation relate to physical activity in general.

Unfortunately, traditional competitive sports leave a lot of pupils behind, and even worse discourages them to enjoy physical activities.

Research shows that before the age of eight, children have a natural enthusiasm for movement and physical activity. But after that, if they are not motivated to do physical activity, they are at risk of entering a “negative spiral” of disengagement which can end in obesity, heart disease, lower bone density and increased risk of injury in later life. Girls’ enthusiasm for physical activity drops much more rapidly than boys.

Carla hoop workshop circus skills workshop

Circus Skills are a brilliant way to tackle this problem, as it appeals to kids on many levels and has many different ways to engage children in physical activity.

From balancing feathers or staffs on a hand, a finger, one food or even on their nose – the kids do not have to be ‘super-sporty’ to make progress and enjoy achievement.

There are lots of different props from Diabolo to Devil Stick, from Hula Hoop to Plate Spinning, from Stilts to Juggling.

We, Circus Wunderbar, can assist you in giving your pupils a brilliant experience with our Circus Skills Workshops for schools. And help you to get the kids more engaged and fascinated by movement.

Here is an article on the difference circus skills and juggling can make in schools on iNews: Juggling the timetable: why every school should teach circus skills in PE lessons

All our Circus Workshop trainers are based in Nottingham and can commute to nearby Cities. If you look for a one of Circus Workshop to have a fun day, were the joy of movement is brought to everyone, or if you look for regular circus workshops – Circus Wunderbar will help you make it happen.

We even offer courses in juggling, poi, hula hoop and staff spinning for teachers.

Contact us for any inquiry via our contact form or email

Halloween is coming – make your event outstanding

Hallooween scary clown

Halloween is approaching scarily fast – do you have the right stuff to make your event the one that will be remembered?

We are sure you got almost everything – but if you are looking for the little bit that makes your party extra special – we can help.

No matter if you are a looking for a scary clown juggling fire, some amazing hula hoopers, a performer swinging a fire staff fearless around his body or some giant stilt walkers in fancy costumes to great your guests – Circus Wunderbar is here to help.

Just contact us via our contact form and we will make your Halloween 2018 the highlight for you and your guests.

Andy Firestaff Hallooween Entertainment


Freshers Night in the Leadmill Sheffield

juggler leadmill sheffield nightclub entertainment

It was a real pleasure to entertain the crowd on freshers night in the Leadmill in Sheffield.

A brilliant nightclub with amazing staff and guests that really know how to party. We have done a lot of events and night club gigs, what was really unique was, that pizza slices where handed out by the club for the people queuing to get in.

Rudi, our juggler, entertained the freshers on their way to have a fantastic party. It was – an amazing night in an amazing club with amazing entertainment from Circus Wunderbar.

juggling nightclub leadmill sheffield entertainment event